Pultruded FRP grating:

Pultruded FRP grating mainly have three types: I-shape bars, T-shape bars and high-load bars.

Features of FRP Pultruded grating:

Corrosion resistant

Resisting to acid, alkali, organic solvents, salts and many other gases and liquid media, FRP gratings have incomparable superiority in the field of preservation. According to the practical application requirements, orthophthalic, isophthalic and vinyl resins can be chosen as matrix material FRP gratings are widely used in all the aspects of chemical preservation, and they are replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood and non-ferrous metals.

Lightweight & high strength

Because FRP grating is a composite of resins and fiber glasses, its density is less than 2 kg/dm3, which is 1/4 of the steel density and 2/3 of aluminum density. FRP grating’s strength is ten times of RPVC, and its absolute strength level is higher than aluminum and ordinary steel. Its lightweight can greatly reduce the basic support, so as to reduce the material costs of the project. FRP gratings are easy to cut and install, no flame and large lifting equipment is needed, only need a small number of manual and electric tools, so as to reduce the installation costs.


Workers would get tired after a long time working on solid concrete or steel platforms, but FRP gratings can ease the strain their backs, feet and legs, so as to increase their comfort and work efficiency.

Good thermal performance

FRP grating has low thermal conductivity – 1.25 – 1.67kj/(m.h.k) at room temperature, which is only 1/100 – 1/1000 of metals, therefore it is an excellent insulating material. In the case of instantaneous ultra-high temperature, FRP gratings are ideal for thermal protection and ablation resistance.

Inflaming retarding

The flame propagation rate of ordinary flame retardant grating does not exceed 25, and the flame propagation rate of superb flame retardant vinyl grating does not exceed 10. The oxygen index is not less than 28.

Security with good electrical properties

FRP grating has excellent electrical insulation properties as an insulator, and it can still protect good dielectric properties under high-frequency. Due to the good microwave permeability, FRP gratings have been widely used in radar and radome. Due to the no breakdown under 10KV voltage and no electromagnetic, FRP gratings can be used on equipment sensitive to magnetism. And the special structure of FRP grating has the features of anti-slip and anti-fatigue.

Uniform color

The color can be arbitrarily chosen, according to the request of customers, improving the workplace environment.

Outstanding designability

A variety of structured FRP gratings can be designed to meet the customers’ requirements, letting the products have good integrity. And the materials can fully satisfy the product performance, such as corrosion resistant, instantaneous high temperature resistant, high tensile strength and good dielectric property.

Good manufacturability

One-step molding process, prominent economic effect.

Have good overall economic efficiency


More than twenty years of service lives.