5 Ways Choosing Pultruded Fiberglass Glass Grating

5 Ways Choosing Pultruded Fiberglass Glass GratingTechnology, with the help of science has made our life easy. With inventions happening every now and then, we have landed in an era that mankind has looked forward and dreamed of. Yes! We are exactly in the future in terms of Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (FRP) and its implication.

The pultrusion grating, which is one of the products that are made out of FRP is changing the lives of people as we speak. These gratings can be used in constructions or any means of building infrastructure; say, roads, factories, public buildings and houses. These grid-shaped, molded blocks of pultruded gratings are flexible and incredibly light-weighing and strong at the same time.

About Quzhou Ocean New material Co., Ltd

Quzhou Ocean New material Co., Ltd (OCEANFRP) is a company situated in Quzhou City, about 350 kilometers south-west of shanghai. As a private company, we have been able to extend up to a 5000 square meters of area, which is specially engaged in the manufacturing wide varieties of China pultruded FRP products.

With around 10 years to grow, we have upgraded ourselves with over 30-sets molds of grating fabrication. We are committed to serve our customers with bearing their specific needs in mind and delivering the products in a speedy manner.

More than anything, we concentrate on the research and development on our FRP gratings, while providing our customers the finest quality and technical support thereafter. We would love to grow with our customers in order to create a better market.

Products by Quzhou Ocean New material Co., Ltd

Our products with the goodness of FRP includes, FRP molded gratings, pultruded gratings, phenolic gratings, stair treads, handrails, ladders, drainage covers and more.

What makes the Pultruded Fiberglass Glass Grating the best?

Any FRP Grating Company in China or in any other place in the world cannot provide the dedication towards the product and its development that, we, at Quzhou Ocean New material Co., Ltd does provide. It may sound intense, but it is what the result of a finely advanced teamwork would sound like.

5 ways to find the best pultruded Fiberglass Glass Gratinghigh-load bars Pultruded FRP grating

·Fireproof: The ingredients that are used to make FRPs are usuallyglass, aramid and carbon fibers. And we use the best to make FRP fireproof which gives you a sense of safety and protection. So the Plastic Gratings can take on fire.

·Strength plus light weight: This allows us to have an easy maneuverability of our products. It does not take more effort and also saves cost in fitting the products.

·Ergonomics: The color and shape in order to provide a suggestion of good state of mind.

·Competitive price: In the province of ZheJiang in China, we are able to offer a reasonable price with no compromise on the quality of our products and services.

·Excellent services: Products deliver quality and the service delivers prolonged good trust and relationships that can last for ages. Good services are the languages that our products and people at Quzhou Ocean New material Co., Ltd speak. We value trust more than anything in this world.

What do we stand for?OCEANFRP LOGO


Our company is determined to supply the best FRP Pultrusion Grating Suppliers in all of china. Our 10 long years of success story is evident for our success and the stories at the yet to come are to be more positive. The design of pultruded plastic Grating are futuristic and are life changing.

These Pultrusion Grating are meant to fix things around us on the day to day life.

The infrastructure of the country is decided upon the ability to fix and mend things in our society.

We have no doubt that you would be looking for artistically designed, high-functional and best-priced FRP grating in China, the word that you are looking for is OCEANFRP. Our products are known for their superior performance in both acidic and alkaline environments, as we think about our environment too, after all the environment is its ecosystem is the base of our life. We at OCEANFRP are environment friendly.


To sum it all, a best China-Pultruded FRP company(now we are getting patriotic) may mirror our features like, high reliability, best built-quality, eco-friendly materials and designs, long lasting, durable, light weighing, climate proof, kid friendly and the list never ends. But they can equal us if only they are as compassionate as we are at we do for a better tomorrow.